Happy New Year to all and welcome to 2016.

Working on sketches for the new project has caused a fair amount of reflection on what I consider the success’ and failures of previous efforts as I’m sure happens with most people.
Couple this with the whole New Years reflection thing and there’s a lot of mulling going on.

The new project, working title ‘Scope’ is, as it stands, a multi-sectioned piece for brass, percussion and electronics. The overall concept lacks focus at present but the sound world is coming together and is in itself inspiring me. I’d like to couple the music with some form of visual presentation and perform it in a specific site where the musicians are placed in a configuration around the audience, along with a multi-channel sound system to create a fully immersive experience for the audience.
It’s a large undertaking and, especially for someone like me who has no local name recognition as a composer/producer, really requires attachment to a festival to pull off successfully.

The thing is, I had similarly specific ideas for both ‘In Black’ and ‘Heptagram’ and both times I either decided it wasn’t going to happen or I was completely intimidated by the task and submitted to creating these things as bedroom ep’s full of samples and virtual instruments, released very quietly to bandcamp with no real effort put into spreading awareness. In the case of ‘In Black’ I was lucky enough that Brandon Duncan of Expiring Sun saw it on Twitter and decided to give it a small physical release which got some people’s attention. ‘Heptagram’ just went down silently without a word spoken about it.

That was Failure no 1. A lack of confidence and therefore effort on my part to stand behind what I did and push it into people’s faces.
Failure no 2 was not getting real players/spaces involved in either to give life to the recordings or present the music live.
Both of these failures I plan to rectify with Scope by enlisting an eight piece brass ensemble, two percussionists and chasing collaboration opportunities across other disciplines to bring the piece to life.

Over the course of 2016 I will be working to raise Scope to a higher level than previous efforts. What this will entail I’m unsure of at present and there are always other things in life that take priority from time to time but I’ll keep updating, and we’ll see what final form we end up with.

This is not a manifesto nor an announcement, purely documentation.

– Chris