Experiments to build the electronic side of scope have inspired a new flurry of sounds.

The sour dough from the mother dough as David Chisholm once said to me.

Initially playing with resonance, making pads from kick drums led to a series of experiments that spawned a separate entity from Scope. Much more abstract, much more electronic.

The latest experiments have involved feeding improvisations and whole mixes back into Logic and using the audio to midi function to create new material.

The computer inevitably malfunctions trying to interpret reverb, delay and distortion and the resulting music is, to be honest, crap.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 6.56.23 am

Most of the time.

On the odd occasion though it creates something eerily beautiful.

Like robot Jazz.

When played back alongside the audio that created it, you get these amazing computer/human interactions.


Stay tuned.

– Chris