So the previously mentioned Robot Jazz experiments have to led to a 35(ish) minute demo which I’m now refining and expanding to create a new piece, putting Scope on the back burner for now.

As I mentioned in previous blogs, attempts to build immense walls out of tiny sounds led to me trying out various processes to break myself out of old habits.

In the finish I ended up using Logic’s flex pitch to create abstract melodic passages out of noise.

These felt like something I’d hear on graveyard shift radio stations, fuzzed out, echoing through the empty streets at 4am.

I followed that impulse and with the convenient timing of a long weekend ended up with a pretty promising demo.

To that end I thought I’d post the first part of that demo, ms20 (working title), which also happens to be the screenshot from the previous blog.

This is by no means a finished part of anything but perhaps an indication of how it will begin.