Holding yourself to account

Since writing the first post on here in January I’ve at times regretted making the statements it contained chastising myself for lack of belief and effort in the past.
As the creative process of Scope, and now the Post-Human Piano project, have continued I’ve often thought this music would be better suited to a recorded release rather than a live performance. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I know that without pushing myself it really means sampled instruments and an unpromoted bandcamp digital release. A demo basically.
As a result I’ve now come to appreciate that first post as a way of maintaining self-discipline. A way of making sure I don’t fall back into old safety nets and push forward.
By not allowing myself to just release something quietly and forgot about it I’m forcing myself to think of different ways of presenting work.
Multiple installation ideas are currently being developed for the post-human piano pieces as well as changes to Scope following a fantastic performance I saw of Rubiks ensemble recently.
Without that first post none of these things would be coming along.

Holding yourself to account works it seems.

– Chris