August 21


The Great Pyramid of Reservoir, my view.

So it’s been a few months since my last blog and there’s good reason for that:

I had a son.

Any parent will probably tell you the first 3 months are insane and they’re right. Ups and downs and all other applicable cliches but now we’re (sorta) getting the hang of it, music is starting to happen again!

On that front there’s been a few happenings, namely:

– The Post-Human Piano idea is now becoming a live-feed installation and is developing as I type this

– Scope has become an album project much more in the vein of Lathos/Response and A Thousand Cuts

– I recently did a field recording remix for the Cities and Memory collective project


– I’m in the early stages of plotting a piece of experimental psychological horror theatre around the darker mental paths a new parent can be subjected to.

I’m really excited about these projects as I spent alot of time in the last three months thinking about how my time to create will now be less and I have to decide how that time will be spent.

In the end It became startlingly obvious that even though if someone wants me to write a piece with an orchestra and an organ I’d love to do it,  I really love studio creation and I really love the intersection of sound, vision and experience. I want to collaborate and create work that crosses mediums. I want to score films, games, theatre, installations and so on and as I don’t like sitting around waiting I’m going to start instigating these things myself. Stay tuned for more on that front as things develop.



On a tech front I’ve switched completely from Logic to Reaper for production and mixing and am loving it. I spent a considerable amount of time customising it to be the daw I wanted Logic X to be once I realised that Reaper actually does a lot of things better than other programs (look up Parameter Modulation, it’s so obvious but so powerful). It’s so open it can be intimidating but it’s worth the plunge.

If anyone reading this is considering a similar shift but unsure about how it translates get in contact and I can help explain and demystify the wonderful of world of Reaper.
It’s phenomenal once you break through the learning curve. I highly recommend The Reaper Blog and Kenny Gioia’s YouTube channel as well as the Reaper forum itself.

I’ve also gotten hooked on production walkthrough videos on YouTube and am considering doing some for Lathos/Response, and some of the new album when it’s done as there aren’t many videos from people making this kind of noise.
Anywho I’ll keep updating as things progress and post some sound soon.

Chris 21/08/2016