Chris Dunn is a Melbourne based composer and sound designer working across multiple mediums including recordings, films, installation and games. 
Initially self-taught through early computer recording and playing in bands, in 2012 Dunn entered Monash University to refine his skills in their composition program. Here he studied under notable composers including David Chisholm, Christine McCombe, Charles MacInnes and Thomas Reiner.
Currently Dunn is exploring the place for melody and tonality within heavily processed noise textures, process based content generation and developments in VR/AR audio.

“Chris Dunn, as both composer and sound artist, draws his inspiration from a zillion different genres and sources and, in doing that, takes you on a music journey that twists and turns in all kind of unexpected ways. His music is not just about contrasts, but about unexpected juxtapositions, too – where the loud and the soft, the harsh and the smooth, the hi-brow and the low, don’t just sit passively beside one another, but actually call to each other, reshape each other, leaving each partly recognisable, partly strange and alien.”

– Ian parsons, The Sound Barrier