Heptagram: I-III represents an attempt to synthesize ideas from the world of western art music and put them forward through a filter of electric guitars and noise.

Originally conceived as a concert piece for 6 guitars and bass, Heptagram was initially composed over the first part of 2014 and then put through innumerable changes in structure, format, instrumentation and intent. After months away from the project in 2015, I decided that the original idea still held the most weight. Layers of dense, noisy, distorted, harsh guitars drawn from my years of playing metal and noise rock would be the most sincere way to present the central idea of Heptagram.

This release forms the upper three points of the Heptagram representing the spiritual and celestial. As such there is a focus on linearity and consonance at the beginning of the composition moving towards dissonance in the end as the cycle moves towards the four points of physicality.

The artwork was created by Sydney based artist Martin Taylor using Pencil, Ink, Airbrush, Acrylic and Salt. Taylor embedded symbols throughout the Heptagram to emphasise the light inherent in this release.

This release will be followed, although not directly, by Heptagram: IV-VII, which will form the lower four points representing the physical and visceral.

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